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Guide: Communicating with Enneagram Fours

Shay Bocks
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Whether you want to understand your brand's audience better or just affirm the people in your life, this guide has the insights you need for communicating well with Enneagram Fours.

  • Understanding
 Enneagram Fours
  • Challenges that deserve compassion
  • Saying the hard part out loud — quotes from typing interviews with Enneagram Fours
  • 10 questions to ask someone who may be an Enneagram Four
  • Building trust and motivating Enneagram Fours
  • How to have tough conversations
  • A healing message from the universe
  • How to help a Four grow
  • What it looks like when a Four reaches Equanimity
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12-page guide to communicating better with people who identify with the Enneagram Four personality type
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Guide: Communicating with Enneagram Fours

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