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Enneagram Basics Class

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Enneagram Basics Class

Shay Bocks
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Understand the Enneagram as a wisdom tool for self-discovery on your journey of healing and transformation.

Learn the basics of the Enneagram like you haven't heard before! This self-paced class covers:

  • How personality develops over time and how to use the Enneagram as a tool of discovery.
  • Enneagram types and how each one shows up in the world through their patterns, blind spots, communication style, emotional habits, and limiting beliefs.
  • Centers of Intelligence and tactics for growth.

YOU ARE PRE-ORDERING THIS CLASS, which will be available mid-January.

“Although I could easily find resources online telling me what my number was, what I really wanted to know was, ‘How does this information ACTUALLY apply to me?’
That’s where Shay’s workshop came in! It was the perfect way to directly get answers to what the Enneagram is and how I can use it pragmatically in my life, my relationships, and my business." — Aubrey Gee

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You'll get...

Video class
3-hour self-study class about the Enneagram.
This is the ultimate resource for understanding each Enneagram type. Use the PDF version or grab the FigJam version to work right on screen while watching the class.
Answer a few questions about your experience to get my Enneagram Cheat Sheets (for all types!) absolutely free.
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